Gail Martin; drawings and paintings
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Superwoman Transcendent
Superwoman Transcendent, 2009
acrylic on board
24" x 72"

For the last several years Gail Martin has been referencing images of her home and herself as means to explore issues of selfhood, change, impermanence and attachment. Her work is influenced by her interest in Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice. Since 1994, Gail's work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions in New England and beyond. Her primary media are charcoal and acrylics.

"My work explores the edge between realism and abstraction, between relative and absolute realities. To me, art-making is an intimate contemplation of the phenomenal world, and can be a vehicle to deeper truths, whether of the nature of the self or the nature of our daily reality. Beings and objects are constantly changing, yet unexamined, can seem all too solid. Perhaps I can reveal a glimpse of our original face, or catch this slippery and speeding world in the process of becoming something else. I hope to discover a deeper connection with our common experience, and share the possibility of a new apprehension of some portion of our world."