Gail Martin; drawings and paintings
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Matsuo Village
Matsuo Village, 2001
Oil stick and acrylic on rag paper
22" x 30"

"Occasionally over the past several years I've turned to landscape as a source for my work. The two charcoal drawings in this group, "Where rock becomes wood" and "Sea Ranch" were developed from photo collages (as is the work in the "From the Home" series). The other pieces evolved from a process more similar to that of the "From the Figure" series, in which I use observed reality as a point of departure for improvisation. Although some are more or less faithful to the source material, others are sense memories of observations or experiences, and don't directly correspond to any particular site. "Hakusan Domon," "Matsuo Village" and "Downtown Tosa" were painted in Japan in November of 2001, when I had the opportunity to travel and work there with four other artists as part of an ongoing cultural exchange program between the John Manjiro Societies of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and Tosashimizu, Japan."